美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM.CLASSIX - Prostate Stimulator 前列腺剌激按摩棒

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CLASSIX - Prostate Stimulator

Indulge yourself with the simple pleasures of a classic! This plastic prostate stimulator is cleverly curved to reach and massage mans prostate gland, while the curved handle gently stimulates his perineum with short firm strokes. Its perfect for beginners and a great way for first-timers to experiment with anal play. The sturdy handles ensure a safe and easy removal, and cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist Body Lotion for an extra wet, extra wild encounter.

美國成人玩具第一大廠PIPEDREAM所推出的-CLASSIX - Prostate Stimulator 前列腺剌激按摩棒

前列腺按摩棒,它可以帶給男性朋友非凡的體驗,體驗前列腺高潮的極緻快感,Anal Fantasy使用中性的ABS塑料製成,不含鄰苯二甲酸,每一件產品都是安全和衛生的,作與人體肌膚接觸的產品,平滑、細膩和安全是必須的標準,材質光滑不易沾塵、易於清潔不易藏污及細菌,非常安全和衛生。

按摩棒經過美國設計師精密的人體工學計算所設計而成 ,可以直接刺激男性最敏感的攝護腺等高快感地帶 ,讓您體驗無射精、重複式、全身性的快感,定位超精準,每一個凹凸起伏都是經過精密的設計分別可以剌激後庭最敏感的部份,沒有體驗過前列腺高潮的男性朋別說您懂什麼叫高潮!

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