美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM.Fantasy C-Ringz系列-Posable Partner Double Penetrator第二假陽具(2個人也能玩3P)

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Fantasy C-Ringz -Posable Partner Double Penetrator
Double the pleasure and double the fun with the incredible Posable Partner Double Penetrator! Now you both can enjoy the thrill of double penetration without having to worry about introducing a third partner into the mix!

Made from body-safe, phthalate-free Elite Silicone, this posable penetrator features a bendable silicone stimulator that stays in place in any position you put it. The stretchy silicone cock ring puts a clamp on performance letdowns by delivering a tight squeeze to his shaft, while the beaded posable exciter provides extra stimulation during double penetration. Wear the ring on your shaft and pick a hole — the bendable teaser can be used vaginally or anally for equally amazing results. The built-in vertebrae allow you to pose it in any position, targeting your partner’s most sensitive spots with every thrust. The vibrating ring keeps him longer and stronger than ever before while you both enjoy mind-blowing vibrations where you want them most!

Try it in the shower or hot tub and turn bath time into pleasure time. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist to ensure a wet and wild encounter!

FANTASY C-RINGZ系列,材質採用醫療等級矽膠,安全素材百分百無毒,對人體無害、低過敏,是市面上最安全的性玩具,表面光滑柔細無氣孔,觸感柔細且容易清洗不易殘留細菌。

Posable Partner Double Penetrator本商品專為喜愛雙穴同時填滿的女性朋友設計,在歐美A片中常常出現2王一后的畫面,女優雙穴同時有2位男優為她服務,女優爽到昇天,這樣的畫面羡煞了許多女性朋友,但卻又不敢輕易嘗試,現在PIPEDREAM完成了這些女性朋友的幻想,只要由男伴戴上這第二支假陽具,然後女伴就可以輕鬆無負擔的享受兩穴同時有肉棒進出的快感,2個人也可以輕鬆的享受3P才能帶來的快感,對女性來說不會有不忠誠的問題,對男性朋友來說也不必將伴侶與它人分享,同時解決了許多3P後會帶來的後遺症。


■尺寸: 詳如圖片標示。 
■材質: 醫療等級安全無毒矽膠。
■電源: 使用LR44鈕扣電池×3個。